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Our company consistently serves the field of professional, mainly, furniture, for a number of decades.

Our partners, manufacturers and customers, all valuable to us, support our leading role in the most competitive furniture business.

Selected partners, Greeks and foreigners, tested quality products, competitive prices, immediate service by specialized staff, before and after the sale, always with a friendly attitude and respect for the person in front of us.

Experienced Greek manufacturers but also international exclusives such as GROSFILLEX EXPERT / FRANCE, WERZALIT SAS / FRANCE & NOVUSSI together with large collaborations such as TOPALIT / AUSTRIA, PEDRALI, GABER, SCAB, TILIA / TURKEY etc. ensure high standards in the products we promote.

The continuous information & training of our executives, the reliability of the partners and the products we promote, as well as the range of our customers prove that our steady upward course has bases and prospects!

At our site you can learn more about us from our projects and company news but also browse the wide range of products we offer. Above all, however, we are waiting for you up close in our showroom, where within 1,800m² we will guide you to current proposals from around the world and we will offer you specialized solutions for your professional space, interior and exterior: benches, stools, sofas , sunbeds, umbrellas, daybed, complete office systems, hotel rooms and highly decorative items at your disposal.

Avant Garde means pioneering and this is what we are called to do in the field of furniture both in our services and in our proposals in professional & home equipment!

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The company was founded in 1927 by Auguste, Francois & Jean Grosfillex.

In 1954 Raymond Grosfillex expanded its turnover and laid the foundations for a modern industrial unit, now operating worldwide with factories in France, the USA and Russia. With large investments in research and technology, it has managed, using mainly synthetic resin, to dominate the last decades in the field of professional furniture.

Every year, with innovative techniques, it renews its range in the direction of the sophisticated lifestyle. The exclusive cooperation enables us to ensure very affordable prices on furniture of both home and professional equipment.

Our company has the exclusive import and distribution in Greece.

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In 1999 the factory from neighboring Turkey started the production of outdoor furniture mainly from polypropylene.

He quickly turned to industrial rattan with great success in both the type of "knitting" and the colors he chose. Particularly impressive is the high durability of its products in hard professional use. 

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In 1923, Jacob Friedrich Werz founded a small gluten glue production facility in Goppingen to supply local joiners and plywood companies. In 1941, he took over the operation of a previous glue customer in Oberstenfeld, Ludwigsburg district, who produced deformed plywood (chair seats and backrests, plywood housing for the German radio and phono industry, etc.). From the mid-1950s, a completely new process was developed, the later patented WERZALIT process, in which ready-made tables, serving trays, wall panelling panels and the like were made from finely machined wood, synthetic resin glue and additives. Parts are manufactured – the birth of WERZALIT wood-based materials.

WERZALIT gradually becomes the material name, the name of the process and the company name. The production know-how of the WERZALIT process is underpinned by a large number of patents. Over time, the process is also licensed at home and abroad.

Exclusive representatives in Greece
three of the most internationally recognized construction companies

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